The Expanse 3D print series #0: MCRN CHARON

This model is a fanart design based on the Expanse novels and series. 



8 .stl files set. The ship model is split in three parts to glue together. It comes with two different PDCs, a service shuttle, a stand support and a plug part to hide the stand hole. 


This fanart design from the Expanse universe was commissioned by a tabletop role-playing group. This is their main ship, the CHARON.

In this imaginary timeline (this is not canon, of course), the ship is an unfinished prototype from the same company (Protogen) and the same Moon shipyard (Bush) that built the Amun-Ra class stealth frigates.

The Charon was the first of the Sekhmet class and was left unfinished for some reason.

It was later stolen by a group of Martian operatives and brought back to the Red Planet. It was then re-commissioned as a black ops stealth ship under the name MRCN CHARON.

"Motivated by the death of the Donnager (...) the group gave the ship the name 'Charon' as they plan to take those who killed the Donnager to the underworld".

The design is inspired by early symmetrical sketches for the Amun-Ra class by original designer Chris Danelon. It's a bit of a clumsy homage to the great work he did on the Expanse series.

License: For personal use. 

By Sébastien Garnier / Anabase Studio, May 2023

Feedback from users is very welcome. I'll do my best to provide you with quality models and fix errors. Please send comments and requests for commissions at this address:

This model is a fanart design based on the Expanse novels and series. This is a 8 .stl files set. 

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