Blender Geometry Nodes Scatter Space

Scatter stuff in space!

This is an upgrade version of the previous scatter asteroid setup. 


A Blender scene with 2 geometry node setups to scatter instances in a 3D space. There are two models, quite similar trees: the first is a rather classical emission from a surface. The second includes the new added volume (voxels) functions. The second may have a significant cost (I didn't test it further). 

I have been using those rocks and debris many times for my sci-fi pictures. 

Blender version is 3.4.1 and more. 


How to use it:

Choose your method (plane and volume are linked to their respective Geometry node setup), starting from a plane of volume is only about the result you want to achieve, the node tree is almost the same.

Then move up the selected instances you want into the Selected_Rocks or Slected_Debris collection. They will be randomly scattered.

 If you want an instance more frequently than others, duplicate it the appropriate number of times to increase its probability (So far, I can't make a proper node for this) and add it to the same collection.

You can edit the emission surface or volume at will, as well the delete volume. These trees are well suited for still pictures, it's not animation ready. but it might be possible with some tweaking. Since the simulation nodes are coming soon with Blender 3.5, I let it be like that.  



On / Off: enables the tree

Plane/Volume_Geometry: the chosen object to scatter instances. 

Density: distribution value of instances, density is relative to the surface so if you raise or shrink it, the total of instances will follow.

Seed: Change all random values in the tree.

Min_Scale: Minimum size of instances

Max_Scale: Maximum size of instances

Magnitude: Global scale factor

Scatter: ratio of scattered instances, 0 is none, 1 is full scattering.

Distance: length of scattering

Delete_by_Volume: enable deletion of instances inside an object. 

Object: the chosen delete object.

Camera_Culling: enable deleting instances outside the field of vision. 

Picture_Ratio: 1920*1080 is 1.77

Frame_Scale: use it to expend the culling to avoid border pops. (default value is 10) 

Focal_Lentgh: from the camera (driven here)

Camera: the chosen camera

Collection: the chosen instances collection

Material: material assigned to all instances


One set of rock instances: About 20 small and medium rocks and three big ones. They all come with UVs but not very good, and a procedural shader with a bump. 

One set of debris instances: no UVs for those objects. 

A Fog Box: to add a volume shader to your scene. 

Improvements to do: a lot!

a probability node by instance number. 

fix culling behind the camera


License: for any use, personal, educational or commercial.  


By Sébastien Garnier, March 2023

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Scatter stuff in space!

This is an upgrade version of the previous scatter asteroid setup. 

Release Notes

Added a fog volume shader

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