The Culture 3D print series #2: Rapid Offensive Unit

Culture Rapid Offensive Unit ROU Rules Of Engagement?

(that's the ship name!)

This model is an original design based on the Culture novels written by Iain M. Banks. A ROU is a fast and small warship, this one of the Thug class. 



5 .stl files set. The model is split in four parts and comes with a dedicated support. That support is a guess on the most probable gravity center, it may work or not depending on the printing technique. 



This is the second of a series of 4 printables small spacecrafts designed from the Culture cycle written by Iain M. Banks. 

#1 - General Contact Unit And I Kid You Not (Rhapsode Class)

#2 - Rapid Offensive Unit ROU Rules Of Engagement? (Thug Class)

#3 - Very Fast Picket (D) ROU Emancipated Asset (Demilitarized Thug Class)

#4 - General Offensive Unit GOU 


License: For personal use. 

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Design and model by Sébastien Garnier, December 2023

Release Notes

2.0 improvements:

- better rendering of detail,

- increased thickness of thin parts such as the tail and edges. 

- The longest part has been shortened by moving the assembly key so that the whole can be printed larger. 

- improved support (balance might depends on your printing technique, which will change the center of gravity).

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One copy to be used by a single user.

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Culture ROU V2
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Culture ROU ROE V3
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