The shared world: Sterna Paradisaea (roughs)

These are sketches for a futuristic world called Paradeisos, or more likely the shared world. This is an ecological utopia where mankind hands over power to artificial intelligence called the sapientes. (Paradeisos after the greck name for paradise, from ancient persian "pardez", meaning "closed garden").

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This floating vehicule is the home core of a symbiotic combinat of experts systems, a self-counscious AI autonomous and politicaly independant. It doesnt want any arm to human, its aim is to leave Earth for space. It travels from the polar circles, north to south and way back for the next summer season. The reason is to maximize the exposure to sunlight, its main energy source.

Many people are working for it, and its industrial or scientific dependencies

This story takes place in a not so far future, while Earth is facing an ecological collapse, humans have put their fate and faith into AI governed combinats. While its seems to be a desperate story, it might be optimistic regarding the actual situation.