AI why not? But in its right place!

This is my take on the subject of AI generated pictures on Artstation.

I believe Artstation is a place for artists. I mean people who do art, not people who order it from a software. So pictures straight out (or slightly altered) of AI like Midjourney and Stable diffusion should not be shown here. Just like photography, it is simply not the place for it.

That said, these softwares are also useful in a creative process, redefining it somehow. Many artists are using them, me too, and wondering how to integrate them into their creative process. So I think it should be allowed to show them as a research step, just like other visual materials, to achieve a piece of work and only for it. Don’t ban these works if artists are honest with it.

These "semantic render engines" are a radical and disturbing breakthrough indeed, we won’t get them out of our lives and the industry. AI will be everywhere, not only with picture generation, Adobe Sensei is using it extensively. We have to learn how to live and work with them now.

Ironically, considering the progression of these programs we won't be able to tell AI or not very soon I’m afraid. And therefore, the public will doubt any image and put it on AI. One more reason not to mix everything up in Artstation and elsewhere, so as not to devalue the commercial value of the artists' original work, emphasizing the transparency and integrity of the site and its members. Original creation remains the privilege of artists, AIs only re-create from previous creations.

About Artstation, I think the website should remove raw AI pictures from the front page, and not allow to post them either to avoid the flood of AI generated pictures which has been surging since the spring of 2022.
Maybe open a new category after 2D and 3D that should be creation only, “AI assisted” when the generation makes most of it?

Also my midjourney public feed:

December 14 2022

December 14 2022